2017 Chair:

                 David T. Hore


"Never lose sight of the close connection

 between the private fortune of each

 and the prosperity of all."

- Alexis de Tocqueville  


Named after the 19th Century French nobleman who admired America's unique spirit of volunteerism to assist people in need, the Tocqueville Society stands behind the belief that individuals prove to be the real impetus for community impact through their compassion, commitment, and generosity.

The United Way of Buffalo & Erie County's Tocqueville Society is comprised of individuals whose generosity reflects extraordinary concern, foresight and dedication to influencing positive change and inspiring a better life for everyone throughout Western New York.

Join the Tocqueville Society and help the United Way of Buffalo & Erie County focus resources on what matters most --- results that improve lives and achieve measurable community impact.

Levels of Giving

  • Tocqueville Society: $ 10,000+

  • National Roundtable - $ 100,000+

  • Million Dollar Roundtable - $ 1,000,000+

Who We Are

Tocqueville members are individuals and families who understand that they need to lead by example in their communities and their organizations. The Tocqueville Society is designed to deepen the understanding, the commitment, and the support of the United Way. Each year, our generous and distinguished members have stepped forward to demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to positive change in Buffalo and Erie County through the United Way.


At the heart of every significant human effort, we find leaders who give the group direction and who distinguish it from all the others. They are people like you - people who care about our community, who are positive, who commit to tough goals, who have both the motivation and the means to better their community, and who inspire others to follow their example.

Members of the Tocqueville Society provide philanthropic leadership by setting the standard in their giving and in their commitment to leading positive change.

Benefits of Membership


  • Recognition along with your peers in our Leadership Society roster which is included in our annual report. (However, members may request to remain anonymous.)

  • Exclusive invitation to the Annual Tocqueville Celebration, hosted by of a fellow Tocqueville Society member.


  • Access to private tours of United Way funded programs.

  • Regular communication to Tocqueville members, with regard to how their gift is being used to strengthen the community.


  • Invitations to exclusive Leadership Society receptions and events

  • Local Tocqueville Society National and Million Dollar Roundtable Members, along with Tocqueville Chairs, are invited to the annual Tocqueville Leaders Weekend. 

Ways to Give

  • Payroll Deduction

  • Direct Bill

  • Automatic Bank Account Deductions

  • Credit Card

  • Check

  • Stock Options

  • Spouses may combine their gifts for membership in the Society by simply noting their wish in their pledge.

  • Owners of privately held companies may make a Corporate/Personal Gift, which will be recognized both as the individual's contribution and a company contribution.

2013 Members Celebration

For more information, contact Gayle Barton, Director of Major Gifts, at 716-887-2750, or

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