Themes, Games, and Incentives

A clever theme, fun games, and great incentives are tried and true ways to get people excited about your workplace Campaign.  Here are some ideas to get you started.  The only limit is your own creativity, so if you have a great idea that isn't listed here, we'd love to hear it!  Just call 887-2614 or send us an e-mail and we'll post it here (with credit to you, of course!) for everyone to share.

United Way Challenge

Once again this year, the United Way Challenge offers everyone who gives just $1 per week or more ($52 per year) the opportunity to win great daily prizes and incredible grand prizes, all donated by local businesses.  Download the brochure containing the calendar of daily prizes below.

United Way Challenge 2014 Brochure

Campaign Themes

A Campaign theme is a great way to rally your employees and tie your United Way campaign together. It can center around an inspiring movie (think "Pay It Forward" or"The Blind Side"), a silly television show ("The Office," maybe?), a popular pastime (sports, beachcombing, video games or comic books), or even something inspired by a past decade (disco would be groovy!).  Just pick a unifying idea and let your imagination run wild.  Here are a few ideas to get you started:
  • Fear Factor
  • Together We Can
  • Share the Magic
  • Recipe for Caring
  • Make An Impact
  • A Brighter Tomorrow, With
    Your Help
  • Expressions of Hope
  • Olympics
  • Wild West/Cowboys
  • Catch the Spirit
  • Baseball/Hockey
  • Halloween
  • Dare to Care
  • Make a World of Difference
  • Giving Isn't Expensive; It's Priceless


Days of Sharing

Let us help you connect with volunteer projects through our Business Meets Community initiative (click here to request a project).  Get teams of employees together to spruce up your office space by taking pictures out in the community or at volunteer projects, and making collages to hang around the office.  Rolling up your sleeves and LIVING UNITED by volunteering is sure to inspire your colleagues to give.


Be serious or be silly - hold a contest for the best superhero identity and costume.  Hold a Superhero Awards ceremony and honor the unsung heroes in your company (you know, the ones who are always there in a pinch - we all have them!).  Request an agency speaker who can tell your colleagues how they can be superheroes by supporting United Way, or request an agency tour and see how your contribution can make a difference.


Get In the Game

A sports-themed Campaign offers endless possibilities for fun activities, team building, and even volunteering.  Play Conference Room Volleyball with dollar-store beach balls; organize a Wii Olympics tournament; or get a group of employees together to coach a softball tournament at a local agency that serves kids.  When everyone puts their heart into it toward a common goal, the whole community wins!


People love incentives, large or small.  Whether it's a designated parking space, a casual day, or an extra day of vacation, there is an incentive to fit every Campaign budget and every employee personality.  Here are just a few ideas for ways to encourage people to give or to increase their gift:

  • Coupons for different perks - click the links below for printable PDF versions, compatible with Avery 74459 stock
  • A week (or month, or year) in the CEO's parking spot
  • Breakfast, lunch, or dinner with the CEO
  • A pizza party for a department, or the entire company
  • Swag from the company store (golf umbrellas are always nice)
  • Coupons for free car washes, oil changes, etc.
  • Grocery or department store gift cards
  • Scratch-off lottery tickets
  • Casual day coupons (click here for a PDF of casual day stickers compatible with Avery 5160 label stock)
  • American Express points from the corporate credit card
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