1. Plan, Plan, Plan

2. Recruit and Train Your Team

3. Use United Way's Campaign Resources

4. Meet, Greet ... and Eat!

5. Make the Ask

6. Report Your Results

7. Say Thanks

Every workplace is different, and every United Way Campaign is unique. Whatever your work environment - office, manufacturing, school - you can run a successful Campaign if you follow a few simple steps.

Most importantly, remember that the team at United Way is always here to help. If you have any questions or concerns, call your Account Executive, or call 887-2614. Thank you!


Believe it or not, 90 percent of the time it takes to run a successful Campaign is planning - only 10 percent is spent actually running it! Here are the key components of good planning:

Evaluate past performance

  • Set up a meeting with your United Way Account Executive to go over the past campaign methods (i.e. e-pledge, personalized pledge cards) and history.
  • Determine in what areas/departments your campaign worked well.
  • If this is your first campaign, talk with the previous employee campaign coordinator to learn what worked and what areas need improvement
  • Identify New Areas of Opportunity

Set a Campaign goal

  • If your previous campaign had high participation and high average gifts, consider setting a reasonable percentage increase over last year's total gift.
  • Consider New Hires , 1st Time Donors, Leadership and Retiree Campaigns to reach your overall goal

Meet with CEO/top management

With last years results on hand and a potential goal and strategy in mind, set a meeting with your CEO. The commitment of your CEO is important to reaching your goals.

Determine what level of involvement your CEO is willing to give:

  • E-Mail/Letter of endorsement for the campaign
  • Attend United Way events planned for your company
  • Offer various incentives to donors
  • Provide time to hold a fun, educational, non-coercive campaign that asks every employee to invest
  • Endorse leadership giving by hosting a leadership campaign

Finalize your Campaign plan 

  • Set a timeline for your campaign
  • Ensure 100% of your employees are presented with the opportunity to contribute
  • Choose a theme & make it fun
  • Plan to personally distribute campaign materials  and/or pledge forms.  This is much more effective than handing out the information with paychecks.

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Recruit a team

Recruit team members who:
  • are donors
  • have volunteered or benefited from a United Way-funded program or agency
  • represent a variety of departments in your company
  • coordinate the company newsletter, public relations, marketing or communications
  • are Labor Union leaders (where applicable)
  • have participated in Day of Caring
  • are enthusiastic
  • are formal or informal leaders who have the trust and respect of their co-workers

Recruit a Leadership Chair


Take advantage of training offered by United Way

Training not only helps motivate your team, it helps increase their United Way knowledge and improves their skills.
  • Campaign Coordinator trainings are offered each Summer - call 887-2614 for information
  • Your Account Executive can conduct a 30-45 minute workshop at your office - call your Account Executive or 887-2614 to schedule at your convenience

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The most important thing you can do to increase your Campaign results is to educate employees about how investing in United Way benefits our community. We have a wide range of resources available to help you get the word out:

  • Materials (brochures, posters, success stories, videos and more): click HERE for downloadable PDFs and links to Youtube videos you can broadcast, link, embed or share. Contact your Account Executive to order printed copies of any materials you would like to use.
  • Agency speakers - click HERE to request a speaker from a local agency who can speak to your employees about the impact of their contribution.
  • Agency tours - click HERE to arrange for a group of your employees to visit a local agency where your contributions are making a difference every day.
  • Volunteer - our Business Meets Community program will help you find a group volunteer opportunity for your employees that matches your interests and the time you have available. Click HERE to get started.

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The group meeting or Campaign kickoff sets the tone for your Campaign. It can be as simple as a morning meeting with coffee and donuts, or as elaborate as a company picnic or offsite event. Whatever your time and budget allows, the group meeting is at the heart of an effective Campaign. Keep the meeting brief and informative - 10 to 15 minutes is plenty of time. Here are the things to cover:

  • Introductions and thanks (you or a member of your team)
  • Tell the United Way story (your United Way Account Executive, an agency speaker, or an employee willing to share a personal story of how he or she has been impacted by United Way)
  • Share the details of your Campaign - how long it will run, any events or activities, incentives for giving, how to pledge, etc. (you or a member of your team)
  • Say thank you!

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People give to people. The number one reason why people do not give to charitable organizations is because they were not personally asked to do so!

  • Ask every employee to consider giving
  • Arrange for current Leadership donors to ask Leadership donors and prospects
  • Follow up on every ask - request that every employee turn in their pledge card or complete the e-pledge process, whether or not they choose to give.

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Reporting your results to United Way helps make sure we can process your employees' pledges quickly and efficiently, allows us to keep close track of the status of the overall Campaign, and most importantly enables us to express our thanks to our donors as quickly as possible.

Depending on the size of your workplace and the length of your Campaign, you may wish to report all your results at once, or make partial reports over the course of your effort. (If your workplace uses e-pledge, results are reported to United Way as your employees make their pledges.) However you choose to handle it, if you use paper pledge cards the steps are the same: 

  • Complete the corporate pledge form, obtain the CEO or decision maker's signature, and report the amount on the campaign envelope.
  • Collect employee pledge forms, review for completeness and accuracy, check for signature.  Fill out the face of the campaign envelope.  Place all pledge forms in the campaign envelope and seal it shut.
  • Call your United Way Account Executive to pick up the completed envelope.

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Thank you. These two simple words not only show your appreciation for your colleagues' generosity. they set a positive tone for year-round communications and set the stage for next year's Campaign. There are many things to thank people for, and many ways to thank them:

  • Announce company campaign results - keep it simple - use email;
  • Publicly announce prize winners - through email, newsletters - play it up - take pictures
  • Send a thank you e-mail to each contributor
  • Sponsor a thank you breakfast, luncheon or reception to the campaign team and/or contributors
  • Distribute thank you awards, mugs, pens, buttons, etc.
  • Write a thank you editorial in the company's newsletter about how their contribution will help. You can always reach out your United Account Executive who will gladly help!

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