2017 Day of Caring T-Shirt Order Form

Thank you for your commitment to support the 2017 Day of Caring!

This year AmeriTee USA, Inc.  has been selected to print the Day of Caring shirts. 

1)     Logo Artwork must be included with all customized orders. Vectorized working files are preferred. Corel Draw (Version X13) file or a EPS file converted to curves would be acceptable.  If vectorized artwork cannot be supplied a charge of $35.00 per hour will apply if art is unable to be completed in the first 1/2 hour "Free" time.

2)      Customization Pricing:                             

 Qty of Shirts

1-Color Imprint

2-Color Imprint

3-Color Imprint

400 - 144

$1.00 ea.

$1.50 ea.

$2.00 ea.

143 -  72

$1.50 ea.

$2.25 ea. 

$2.75 ea.

71 -  36

$2.25 ea.

$3.00 ea.

$4.00 ea.

35 -  12

$4.00 ea.

$6.00 ea. 

$8.00 ea.

11 -   7

$8.50 ea.

 $12.75 ea. 

$17.00 ea.


  Custom Vinyl ONLY

 ** 6 -  1 

12.50 ea.

$24.75 ea.

$36.00 ea.


Above Pricing Includes: First 1/2 hour Artwork and Setup - PLUS SALES TAX (Non-Profits must attach Tax Exempt form with on line order) and SHIPPING if applicable.

3)      AmeriTee USA, Inc. will invoice you for customization when shirts are complete. Please provide billing and contact information.

4)     Orders can be shipped UPS -charges will apply, or may be picked up at the location below -any orders not picked up by August 10th, will be shipped UPS and charges will be applied to the invoice. Should you decide to pick up your order, United Way will contact you when shirts are ready for pickup.

AmeriTee USA, Inc.
25 Imson Street
Buffalo, New York 14210

5)     No customized orders will be allowed after July 14, 2017.

6)     One t-shirt will be provided per volunteer. If you are customizing your t-shirts, please base the number on the number of volunteers that are registered to participate from your company.

Please feel free to contact me directly at 887-2724 or by email to with any questions. Thank you and have a great Day of Caring!


Customized T-Shirts
T-Shirts will be XL unless quantities are specified
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