EDUCATION: Success By 6



What is Success By 6?

Success By 6 is a national early childhood initiative established to help all children succeed for life.  In Erie County, Success By 6 has focused on the circumstances affecting young children's readiness to learn. Emotional, social, and cognitive development of children starts from the moment that they enter the world. Scientific studies show that loving, nurturing relationships and everyday experiences matter most in building a strong foundation for children's future success in school and in life. Unfortunately, too many children aren't getting enough quality early learning experiences. Some 46% of kindergartners come to school at risk for failure. Further, the poorest children start school 1-2 years behind in language and other skills important to school success. 1 in 3 children are born into poverty. 


Success By 6 works with child care providers to help them deliver the best possible early learning experience to the children in their care.  Each child care program is assigned a Quality Improvement Mentor, who provides the guidance and technical support to help them implement positive changes towards high quality care.  Program providers are also afforded opportunities to build professional networks and observe high quality programs. 


Additionally, participating programs receive the support of both the Success By 6 Training Specialist and the Development Specialist. The Training Specialist offers 7 different training classes related to the emotional development of young children for child care professionals. The Development Specialist operates the Early Childhood Helpline, a free service to all child care providers to assist with developmentally appropriate practices, early childhood environment and curriculum, including children with special needs and day to day classroom problem solving.

How are programs participating with Success By 6 achieving results?

  • 59 child care providers have received national accreditation.
  • Nearly 7,500 children are receiving care in higher quality classroom settings as a result of their program's participation in the Success By 6 Quality Improvement Project.
  • 3,896 children have been impacted in the classroom by the implementation of suggestions by the Developmental Specialist to classroom teachers.
  • More than 4,000 early child care and education professionals have received training and now demonstrate a 13% increase in the application of appropriate knowledge.

 Who are our Success By 6 Partners?

As part of the Buffalo Read to Succeed Coalition, Success By 6 is working with over 40 organizations to develop and implement comprehensive research-based strategies towards its goal of 100% literacy for children in the City of Buffalo. A 2004 Buffalo Public School assessment of children entering pre-Kindergarten found that 53% of the children were at risk for illiteracy based on limited oral vocabularies, a primary predictor for reading success. With approximately 20,000 children under the age of 5 in the City of Buffalo (Census, 2000), by applying this percentage, there are as many as 10,000 children potentially at risk of low literacy. This work will be integrated with the United Way's Early Childhood Impact Council which is currently developing a plan to ensure that all children enter school ready to succeed.



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