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Spring/Summer 2010

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LIVE UNITED Family Night at the Ballpark 


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UGIVE.ORG: Helping High School Students Give Back 

Family Volunteer Day 

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Program Partner Profile: Hearts and Hands

Advocacy Update

Celebrating Free Tax Prep Volunteers     

 What Your Dollar Can Do


 Earlier this year, our LIVE UNITED Program Partners submitted mid-year reports for their United Way funded programs.  We are proud to highlight some of the results achieved by programs in our Education area.  Our ultimate goal in education is to ensure that all children and youth reach their full potential, and every program we fund addresses one or more targets that help achieve that goal.  Here are just a few examples of the outcomes those programs are achieving:

 Of 4,549 pre-school children served, 4,505 (99%) are read to on a daily basis.

 136 of 161 at-risk young children (84%) demonstrate pro-social behavior and are able to participate in groups with their peers

 1,224 of 1,692 school-aged youth (72%) decreased their school suspensions

 We will continue to report on program outcomes in all of our focus areas on a regular basis, so that you can see the difference your contribution makes for individuals in our community.


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