Purchasing Discounts


Altus Management (previously known as the Western New York Purchasing Alliance) is owned by several of the regional hospital systems and has been providing group purchasing for nonprofits, physicians and health care facilities for close to 10 years. Altus enables nonprofits to gain free access to the purchasing power of Premier, which is the largest Group Purchasing Organization in the United States.  Recently Altus has simplified the process by which nonprofits can gain access. If you are already signed up for group purchasing (you have your entity code) and would like to expand your options, or if you are not signed up and would like to learn more, please contact:

 Christina Hallick

at 810-0688 ext. 301


Discounts are available for these products and services among others:

 ·       Advertising services

·        Air Filtration Products

·        Batteries and Battery Products

·        Can Liners

·        Cellular Voice and Data Services

·        Credit Card Services

·        Document Management Solutions

·        Elevators and Escalators

·        Energy Efficiency Services

·        Executive Recruiting

·        Fire Life Safety and Security Systems

·        Floor Care Equipment and Services

·        Flooring - Products and Services

·        Foodservice Distribution

·        Furniture

·        Furniture - Room Furnishings

·        Furniture - Stainless Steel Cars

·        Hard Copy Document Shredding

·        Health Science Reference Books

·        Home Appliances

·        Housekeeping Products

·        Ice Machines

·        Inbound/Outbound Freight

·        Labels and Related Products

·        Laundry Products and Services

·        Maintenance Repair and Operations

·        Moving Services

·        Non-Medical Uniforms and Mats

·        Office Supplies

·        Paper Towels and Tissue

·        Paper-Janitorial Distribution

·        PC Hardware and Software Resellers

·        Pest Elimination Services

·        Printers, Copiers, Faxes

·        Reusable Textiles and Textile Services

·        Waste Management Services and Controls

·        Water Treatment Products

·        Yellow Pages Advertising

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