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Poverty Simulation

The poverty simulation helps groups of up to 72 people understand the everyday realities faced by people whose incomes fall below the poverty line during an eye-opening, three-hour experience.
Participants assume the roles of members of low-income families, from single parents trying to care for their children to senior citizens trying to maintain their independence on Social Security. Each family member must seek assistance from a variety of human services and other organizations to provide 
for their family's basic needs during the course of four 15-minute "weeks." The intended result is an increased understanding of the struggles faced every day by people struggling to make ends meet.
Simulations are ideal for businesses, community leaders, Universities/Colleges, faith groups, service providers, human service workers, community groups, and school groups. 
Feedback from past participants includes:
"This was incredibly eye-opening. I thought I knew what to expect but never anticipated becoming so emotionally engaged with the process. I quickly went from a feeling of confidence and capability to feeling helpless, hopeless, and incredibly frustrated."
"A unique method of bringing awareness to the real life struggles of families in poverty. This experience helped to bring a greater understanding of actual problems faced by low income families and recognize the difficult day-to-day decisions that must be made. Confirmed my values and beliefs in helping those less fortunate."
If your group or organization is interested in holding a Poverty Simulation, contact us at 716-887-2718. 

Financial Education Opportunities

CASH partners will conduct financial education presentations for community groups of 10 or more. Topics range from banking basics, credit repair, and IDAs to savings, vehicle purchase, and first-time home buying. 
CLICK HERE for this month's free financial education classes.
To request a financial education presentation, call 887-2718 or fill out this form and email it to 
Topics include:
  • Banking Basics
  • Basic Bookkeeping for Small Businesses
  • Basics of Investing
  • Budgeting
  • Credit Cards
  • Financial Aid
  • Credit Repair
  • Financial Scams
  • First-Time Home Buying
  • Identity Theft
  • IDA's (matched savings accounts)
  • Insurance
  • Internet Safety
  • Smart Shopping
  • Vehicle Purchase
  • Youth-focused
You may also request a presentation with a focus on asset building.  
To request an asset building presentation, fill out this form and email it to
Topics include:
  • Basic Bookkeping for Small Businesses
  • College Savings Plans
  • Credit
  • Financial Aid
  • First-Time Home Buying
  • IDA's (Matching Savings Accounts for homeownership, small business start-up or post-secondary education)
  • Insurance
  • Reverse Mortgage Counseling for Seniors
  • Savings Options
  • Saving for Retirement
  • Vehicle Purchase
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