CASH BUFFALO - Committees

CASH is divided into three committees based on a model of Get, Keep, and Grow


Partners in the "Get" Committee are concerned with increasing income. This is done through claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), workforce development, and accessing public benefits.
  • Promote the utilization of free tax preparation services throughout Buffalo and Erie County (including facilitated self-assistance).
  • Increase the number of taxpayers securing EITC at free tax preparation sites.
  • Conduct ongoing outreach, education, and benefits enrollment efforts to increase the number of eligible families that receive income supports.
  • Develop a mutually beneficial relationship with workforce development agencies to increase connections with low-wage earners


Partners in the "Keep" Committee are committed to building savings. This is done through credit counseling, savings campaigns, and split refunds.
  • Conduct an annual environmental scan of financial education available in the community.
  • Connect low-income adults to targeted financial education on different topics.
  • Partner with agencies to connect young adults to financial education opportunities.
  • Promote the use of low/no cost financial products/services which would decrease the reliance on high-cost products/services.
  • Educate and promote the use of savings mechanisms through long term savings vehicles.
  • Connect low-income families with programs that help them reduce their debt and improve their credit score.
  • Implement Bank on Buffalo Campaign.


Partners in the "Grow" Committee seek to help individuals and families gain and sustain assets. This is done through the promotion of education, Individual Development Accounts (IDAs), and asset protection. 
  • Educate potential funders and local community about opportunities to expand availability through matching funds.
  • Increase connections (state and local) to other agencies in the asset-building field.
  • Implement an IDA program specifically for Educational/Vocational purposes.
  • Connect low-income families with programs that help increase assets (through homeownership, transportation, education, and business). 
  • Educate and connect low-income families with long-term savings vehicles.
  • Assist low-income families in protecting their assets. 
Collectively, these committees increase financial literacy/education, leading to these results:
  • Greater access to income supports
  • Increased personal savings
  • Improved credit
  • Increased home ownership
  • Small business development
  • Improved adult education outcomes
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